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A family owned company in the Netherlands together with Puris founded Puris Europe. Where decades of experience in formulating chemical solutions is added to the existing Puris knowledge. Resulting in a local developing, manufacturing and warehousing location for the European market.

Puris Europe chooses to be leading in ‘green’ technologies, which makes the formulations safer than before. For both the consumer and environment. Consistently we strive to have a smaller carbon footprint. And use science and technology to use greener chemical ingredients. Not only the products are eco-friendly and biodegradable, but also the packaging is recyclable. All Puris products conform within VOC (volatile organic compounds) regulations.**

Formulations are perfected in the field to deliver the best performance. Then repeatedly tested in the laboratory and deemed safe for consumers to use. This in collaboration with international marketing experts and our sales team which travel from country to country. To provide high-end chemical compounds and solutions at a fair market value throughout the world.

Our success is evidenced by our clients – Puris products are used by premier body shops, OEMs and technicians worldwide for use on motor vehicles, boats, planes and many other industrial needs. We’re proud to be their first choice.

** Concentrated chemicals must be diluted as directed to be VOC compliant

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