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D4 Citri-Solv

D4 Citri Solv is a citrus based extract solvent degreaser. This product is specifically designed for removing stubborn glue residues as well as tar. D4 Citri Solve can be used for various industrial applications as well. The product is good for removing tar, glue, pitch, asphalt from industrial machinery. Directions: D4 Citri Solv is ready to use. Very important to not work in direct sunlight. Try on an inconspicuous area before using. It can be used on painted surfaces, applying the product, and removing it very quickly. It can dissolve paint if it is let to work on the paint for a long time. Use D4 Citri Solv by applying it on the surface with a cloth or applicator. Work only at one section at a time. Work until the glue residue (or tar) is completely removed. Dry off to a shine with a clean cloth or preferably rinse with water.

SDS Sheet