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FF Pure Foam Finishing Pad

Puris black foam pad is a finishing foam. Puris chooses a European foam of 90 PPI with a bevel edge design. A durable hard back for heat resistance and suitable for the high torque of a dual action machine. Using it with a medium or fine grade polish it will be capable of removing 3500-4500 gritt sanding scratches. Meanwhile, it is a very good pad applying a wax or sealant. Puris DA foam pads can be used on a rotary polisher as well as a dual action polisher.

Tip: Cleaning your pad after each use with Puris Pads? Washer will ensure a long lifetime of the pad.

- Brings back that deep glossy finish, safe and easy!
- Works great with high end polishes
- Amazing for applying waxes or sealants
- Removes 3500 - 4500 gritt scratches
- Long lasting, durable foam with velcro backing
- Suitable for rotary and DA machines

Available in 5'' and 6''

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