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Everyone likes to keeps his investment like the first day when it is brand new. Be it a car, motorcycle, yacht, mini-van, camper or private yet! Puris understands that you are looking for high quality products, which ensures that perfect finish every time. Our product range offers superb solutions for all types of surfaces: exterior and interior – no matter what you drive, ride, float or fly!

To ensure that professionals can provide a service that their customers expect and deserve. Puris Europe designs its refinishing formulas specifically for body shops and 21stcentury paint systems (HS, MS, SRC).

Puris products are developed with leading-edge scientific technologies. And with decades of dedication and hands-on experience. We create premium quality products for use on motor vehicles, boats, planes and many other industrial needs.

About Us


The Puris guarantee is simple: western technology born inthe US and UK, offering speed and permanency of surface finish. Our products contain nothing but the highest quality materials, selected by us from the best sources around the world. From abrasives or chemical emulsion systems to our bottles and packaging, we use only the best – and most environmentally-friendly – options available. 

Established in 1970 and with leading-edge expertise in compounds, polishes and detailing products, Puris has worked for decades to perfect our range of products.

Our success is evidenced by our clients: Puris products are used by premier body shops, OEMs and technicians the world over.




Puris is now available in Europe (PurisEurope.eu) as well as 24 countries around the world. We are keen to find new partners/distributors in Europe.



Exclusive partnership

When you work with Puris, we enter an exclusive partnership with you. We believe in relationships, and provide real strategic support whilst recognising that our distributors are the experts in their local markets.

Technology and Service

This powerful two-way dialogue ensures you have the technology and service necessary to stay ahead in a competitive market with our latest technology and keeping our product in high demand.

Real Profit Margins

What does this exclusive relationship mean in practice? It means high quality and great value for the consumer; it means real profit margins for you; and it means routes to market for us.

Training Centre

We provide the training, both at our global training center and on-line, necessary to help you make the most of our promotions and products.  From QR codes to e-commerce, we can develop bespoke solutions for your market.